Geriatric Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory

The GPN Lab Studies Neuroimaging Markers of Alzheimer's Disease

Advances in Alzheimer's Disease give people new hope

The GPN Lab seeks to improve the lives of the elderly


  1. Helmet Karim was given an honorable mention for his poster presentation (entitled "Association between change in brain gray matter volume, cognition, and depression severity: pre- and post- antidepressant pharmacotherapy for late-life depression") at Aging Institute Research Day 2017.

  2. Congratulations to Minjie Wu for being selected for the 2017 Research Career Institute in Mental Health of Aging (CIMA) mentoring program!

  3. Helmet Karim won the award for the best spotlight talk on Bioengineering Day 2017.

  4. Stephen F. Smagula, PhD, recently received a Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (K01) from the National Institute of Mental Health.

  5. May 31st-June 2nd: Statistical Methods in Imaging Conference at the University of Pittsburgh organized by Dana Tudorascu.
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